Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Legos in the Garden

The Huntsville Botanical Gardens has put together yet another amazing outdoor exhibit for us. Have you seen the Legos in the gardens yet?

Click on any of the photos to see the details.

Sean Kenney has designed and built amazing Lego sculptures that are now touring the United States, including a stop here in Huntsville. Some are small and adorable, and some are massive creations, using thousands of Lego bricks.

Many animals are lifesized, with the insects enlarged to fantastic proportions.

Some sculptures are perched on traditional pedestals, but others are cleverly placed so that they become part of the environment.

The Lego sculptures are throughout the gardens, but my two favorite places are the water gardens and the buffalo field.

The water gardens have bloomed a little early this year...

...but some trickery is afoot. That frog looks a little blocky on closer inspection.

The water lily pads blend in with the rest of the gardens with almost a trompe-l'oeil effect.

 Lego koi meet flesh and blood koi in the water gardens these days.

The buffalo (or more correctly bison) that have arrived may not be lifesize, but they are large enough to make you look twice.

A parent watches over her baby in a "prairie" of wildflowers.


Nature Connects will be at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens until July 26. Stop by for a visit to see these Lego sculptures and more. You will not be disappointed; I sure wasn't.

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